Back in 1997 well-known futsal expert and ambassador Mićo Martić had an insight that the emergence of the internet could help achieve his ambition to develop and improve futsal. He created the web portal Futsalplanet to enable the sharing of information and news about the sport across the world. It had been virtually impossible before the internet. The site remains the principal place to find out the latest updates about futsal worldwide over 20 years later.

Since then technology and how we use it has changed considerably. Seven years after FutsalPlanet launched social network Facebook was created and it was a decade later when the iPhone was released.

Mićo began using these technologies to share photos of his futsal activities on social media with the hashtag #FutsalIsHere, often selfies alongside his many friends in the game. Mićo’s profile prompted this hashtag to become popular and known across the futsal community. The phrase symbolized the growing presence of futsal across the world.

Mićo and four friends with the same passion and ambition to develop futsal (Marko Šimurina, Matija Dulvat, Marijan Palić and Doug Reed) realized the advancements in futsal and technology could be used to take his vision and the sport to another level. They could go beyond just sharing information and knowledge to connecting and coordinating all those of us who feel the same passion for futsal.

To achieve this a hugely ambitious project was created called FutsalIsHere.

The project’s first action is the creation of this website to highlight the size and strength of our global futsal community. United we are stronger and we hope you will join us to develop futsal together.

Each one of us will make a difference so join now and support futsal!

Who are we?

Mićo Martić

Mićo is a former captain and coach of the Croatian Futsal Team. He is a UEFA and FIFA Coaching Instructor and current Head Coach of Finland. As well as founding FutsalPlanet, he also created the CoachingFutsal website to support futsal coaches. He is admired across the world for his passion for the sport he has dedicated his entire life to.

Matija Đulvat

Matija is a former Croatian National Team player. He was one of the founders of Futsal Dinamo, a club that has been recognised for its fan ownership model and fanatical supporters. He is current Head Coach of Sweden.

Marko Šimurina

Marko is another former Croatian International. As President of Futsal Zadar, he has grown the league from 34 to 56 clubs and created an expanding and vibrant futsal community in the city. He has extensive experience organizing futsal events and tournaments.

Marijan Palić

Marijan is an avid amateur futsal player and experienced marketer. He has successfully developed many viral marketing campaigns. He recently released his book Atomski Marketing, where he shares his knowledge and experience, and it has been very well-received.


Doug is an England Futsal International. He dedicates himself to promoting futsal across the world including through involvement in major futsal championships, organising conferences and writing a blog that covers everything from tactics to the marketing of our sport.

What unites us all is our intense passion for futsal and its development.